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Russian emperors and German charity in Saint Petersburg 


Irina V. Baranova, Postgraduate student, Saint Petersburg State University (7/9 Universitetskaya embankment, Saint-Peterburg, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The charity of the Germans in Saint Petersburg developed thanks to state support and, in particular, the direct personal participation of the Russian emperors in it. Issues related to the topic of government support for charity are still relevant today. Charitable organizations currently existing in Saint Petersburg, including those which were founded by German immigrants to support Russian citizens, need state funding. The purpose of this study is to assess the role of the personal participation of Russian emperors in the formation and development of German charity in Saint Petersburg.
Materials and methods. Materials from the funds of the Russian State Historical Archive and the Central State Historical Archive of the city of Saint Petersburg were used. The main research methods are chronological and comparative-historical. Using the chronological method, the sequence of changes in the attitude of the current government to German charity in Saint Petersburg is determined. The comparative-historical method makes it possible to establish the main forms of support for German charity on the part of Russian emperors.
Results. The attitude of individual representatives of the ruling dynasty to the religious and social life of the Germans in Saint Petersburg, German charitable societies and private charity has been studied. Particular attention is paid to the legislative acts regulating state policy in relation to immigrants from German lands. The response of the German diaspora to the direct personal participation of Russian emperors in German charity is shown.
Conclusions. Material support and personal participation from the Russian emperors contributed to the development of German charity in Saint Petersburg, increased the prestige of German charitable societies and institutions in the eyes of the public. Analyzing social policy and legislative acts regulating the sphere of charity, one can identify and suggest possible difficulties in providing social assistance to foreigners living in Saint Petersburg. 

Key words

Saint Petersburg, charity, the Romanov dynasty, Germans, state policy, subjects of German lands, German subjects, social assistance 


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